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Kids With Cancer

Informational site for parents who have children diagnosed with Leukemia or other types of childhood cancer. Links and resources to all sorts of information on children's cancer for parents, as well as a page for kids that includes links to games, puzzles, and helpful web sites specifically for children with cancer. Initial designs in Adobe Photoshop.

Kids With Cancer Web Site Mockup 001   Kids With Cancer Web Site Mockup 002   Kids With Cancer Web Site Mockup 003

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I was contacted by Amer.net, an ISP in San Francisco, and asked to do some mockup designs for their web site redesign. I was also asked to do one for their Client Management System.

Amer.net Web Site Mockup 001   Amer.net Web Site Mockup 002   Amer.net Web Site Mockup 003
Amer.net Web Site Mockup 004   Amer.net Web Site Mockup 005 (NBuilding)
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